U.S. Forest Service Digital Collections

This digital repository, managed by the National Forest Service Library, is a collection of U.S. Forest Service electronic resources. The repository can accommodate a variety of objects, including documents, letters, photos, audio files, etc. This beta site is the nucleus for a full scale repository that will greatly improve access to valuable resources produced by the U.S. Forest Service that were previously only available in many different locations and to a finite number of customers. You can search the entire repository or, as collections are added, any of the specialized collections. Content grows daily as new collections and resources are added.

FHP collection can be found here.

The FHP Grey Literature collection consists of unpublished or government-published historical documents pertaining to forest insects and diseases in Oregon and Washington. These materials document damaging agents in the Pacific Northwest. Technological advances, ecological and sociological changes, and personnel turnover have increased demand for sources of historic information on forest insects and diseases.

This collection is produced by U.S. Forest Service, Forest Health Protection in collaboration with the National Forest Service Library.

To date, more than 1,000 documents have been inventoried and cataloged.

Synthesis Papers collection can be found here.

The Synthesis collection consists of documents published from 2006 to date. One of the publication's primary purposes should be to summarize what others have done and what conclusions can be reached or what knowledge has been gained from the prior research. The research that is being synthesized is usually prior publications, but can also be prior experiments, reported observations, or other research findings. At least one author must have been a U.S. Forest Service Research & Development staff member at the time it was written. This collection is produced by the National Forest Service Library.

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